Regional NIC holiday for new businesses
  • NIC Holiday available for businesses formed on or after 22nd June 2010
  • £5,000 of NICs can be deducted for each of the first 10 employees
  • Qualifying businesses to reduce their NIC from 6th September 2010

New businesses other than those in the South East, London and East of England can commence deducting NIC contributions for their first 10 employees starting from 6th September to 5th September 2013.

The Regional Employer National Insurance contributions Holiday for New Businesses was released by George Osborne’s emergency Budget and let’s new businesses to make deductions from Class 1 NICs they pay.

The “holiday” applies only to the first 10 qualifying employees who were employed from 22nd June 2010 to businesses formed after 22nd June 2010.

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